5 Little Ways to Boost Baby’s Brain

Give your little one the best start in life by supporting early development and stimulating your baby’s brain. Boosting their brain does not need to be complicated, in fact it can be a simple part of your daily routine. Check out these 5 activities to help boost your little one’s development:

  1. Make reading together a daily habit. Reading to baby in the morning, at night, and talking to them from birth helps to boost their brain power. It’s a time to bond and introduces emotions and can make reading more fun. According to research, sets them up for future success in school. Bonus: there’s no rule stating is has to be the Itsy Bitsy Spider you’re reading, pick something you will benefit from too, win-win!
  2. Sing a song. Songs help enhance language development via rhythm, rhyme and patterns. In addition, songs that include body motions and hand gestures help babies integrate large and small motor skills with sound. Singing with baby’s can be an absolute delight!
  3. Choose developmentally appropriate activities and toys. Like The Little Gym’s Parent and Child programs for babies 4 months through 3 years! Providing your child with developmentally appropriate toys and activities will allow them to safely explore, interact and learn.
  4. Narrate daily activities. Give your child a “play by play” of daily activities. When you’re waking up in the morning, getting dressed or heading out to run errands, narrating daily activities will help baby understand and make connections that can benefit them later in life.
  5. Get Moving. For babies, that means tummy time! Tummy time helps babies develop stronger muscles and promotes motor skills like rolling over and crawling.