1 to 12 Years – in Lisbon and Laranjeiras

Sessions are organized based on the age group that will be present:

1 and 2 years old aniversary

We organize activities oriented by our teachers, directed to babies applying a very fun curriculum. This curriculum is based in music, games and experiences appropriate to each baby’s age and development stage. Parents and friends accompany the children. Until they reach 3 years old the children should be accompanied by an adult.

3 to 6 years old aniversary – Games, Dance and fun Gymnastic.

Activities with lots of games and movement: Come meet Mr. Parachute, Mr. Jumpy Mattress, the Spider-Man game and the Flying Carpet game. You’ll also experience, in a playful and fun way, the gymnastic devices such as the rings, the parallel bars and the olympic beam, better known as the “magic bridge”. We also have creative dancing!

7, 8, 9…12 years old aniversary: Hip-Hop dancing and/or gymnastic and games with a lot of adrenaline. If you have a favourite artist tell us!

Do you want a birthday party in the disco with your friends between 19:30 and 21:30?

It will be fun 🙂

For this age group, we organize activities based on the preference of each child. If your child likes to dance, our team of teachers will introduce him/her to new choreographies in addition to other games. If he/she loves gymnastic and wants to come with a group of friends to learn or practice their favourite abilities, we garantee that all is done with a lot of fun.

Generically, these group classes/parties include:

Activities at the gym and in our multi-function room will make your child his friends have fun with activities based in dance and gymnastics. The hip-hop choreographies, gymnastic equipment, parachute, group games, flying matresses and the famous jumpy matress are the joy of the children.

Family members, family guests and parents of your child’s friends can watch all the joy in a very comfortable way in our spacious lobby. Because there aren’t any other birthday sessions happening at the same time, everyone can enjoy all the fun to the fullest and with a lot of tranquility, especially the kids! If you think they have a lot of energy, our space and curricular program is ideal for them to have fun together with friends. We use our curriculum from the 1st year of life to the 12th.

Not included:


Extra service (Optional):

If you wish, you can order a lunch from one of our partners (3€/child) or bring lunch from home.

Not authorized:

Alcoholic drinks

Offer/Birthday present from the TLG to the birthday child:

4 Classes in the Dance/Gymnastic program. Talk to one of our team member to choose which class is best for your child. The offer is exclusive to the birtday child. The classes can be taken between the date of appointment and the following two months after the date of completion of the class/party. This offer is valid for new students.

Weekend Value by child
 12:15 , 14:30 e 17:00 ( saturday and sunday) 14€
Friday 19:30 – 21:30 ( Lisbon )

The appointment is reserved with the payment. Talk to one of our team members to know all the details, values and to clarify any doubts you might have.

The value of the reservation is not return in case o cancellation. In case you want to change the reservation, it’s only credited if the initial schedule can be filled.