If your kid loves to dance then our “The Little Gym’s Dance” is perfect for him. Our classes are a big opportunity to introduce your child to the vast world of dancing or learn more tricks.

Our fusion curriculum includes ballet, tap dance, creative movement and hip-hop. Your kid will learn many skills while developing strenght, balance and coordination with music that is always increasing the pace.

The Hip-Hop classes only develop exclusively this dance style that kids love and allows them to also develop coordination and sense of rhythm always with fast paced music that they love.

Classes with parents in the studio and the gym

Little bees: 2-3 years

Tap dance, creative movement and ballet

Ladybugs: 3-4 years

Little giraffes I: 4-5 years

Little giraffes II: 5-6 years

Tap dance, creative movement, ballet and Hip-Hop

Jazzy-Jets I and II – older than 7 years / Starter and Intermediate

Exclusive Hip-Hop classes:

Hip-Hoppers: 4 to 6 years

Hip-Hop steppers – older than 7 years / Starters and Intermediate