Grade School Gymnastics

Starting and improvement classes aimed at who wants to develop their overall capacities in a non-competitive environment: Acrobatic and ground skills, such as spins and flics, rings, parallels and the Olympic crossbar.

Grade School Gymnastics

In our gym we use many diversified gymnastic equipment and tools, from parallels, asymmetrical parallels, olympic crossbars, jumping tables, tumbling mattress, etc. Spins, rolls, headstands, flicks and many more positions and tricks are learned and developed in a very fun and non-competitive environment.

The children are placed in a group that fits their gymnastics aptitude. The big difference between each group is the complexity of the tricks and positions performed. Usually, the bigger the level, the higher the age.
Children at this age love new challenges and especially like to achieve new goals. In many ocasions the children are the ones to ask for new exercises. When already at school, the children developed a sense of self esteem, self confidence and self image.


Choose the most convenient schedule for you for one of the next classes:

Starters – Flic-Flacs

Despite the age, they continue to enjoy cozy environments, which makes them motivated to acquire new gymnastics skills. New experiences contribute to increasing your child’s self confidence, these experiences always happen in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Intermediate – Twisters*

When children are at this level it means their capabilities are in fasts growth, now being in an environment that promotes the development of new emotions and motor skills. After overcoming yet another stage, the children have even more confidence and are more focused in their improvement.

Advanced – Aerials*

These kids are part of a very enthusiastic group of small gymnasts that love being challenged. They’re eager to be stronger and to learn new skills, the levels of confidence in the practice of gymnastics are high, contributing to a higher level of self-esteem and confidence. Being in front of an audience showing off their skills is a reality for these kids.

*Must be invited/After first talks with the teacher