Parent Child

Unique moments of fun and learning amongst/with other children of the same age. The lessons targeting both children and parents, follow your children’s development during their first 3 years and they can start as soon as they’re 4 months old. The lessons are on a weekly basis with new themes for you and your children every week. Parents can share this unique adventure in a child’s life, while enjoying every single discovery with smiles, hugs and giggles.
These lessons for parents and kids are all about actively participating in your children’s games where fun and discovery are the main components. The program is based on a curriculum, with weekly themes while teaching in a both amusing and non-competitive environment. It lasts 45 minutes and takes place twice a week, the first lesson would be during the main schedule and the second lesson would be a practical one where you chose your own schedule.

Bugs(4 – 10 months)

The group activities not only promote the relationship between parents and kids, but they also promote the sharing of the same space and objects with other children. The activities based on music stimulate the notion of rhythm, coordination, language and numerical concepts.  The motor activities promote the development of the muscles which will later on prepare them for crawling and walking. Exercises with soap bubbles and toy balls stimulate the knowledge of the notion of space and coordination. TO BOOK AN EXPERIMENTAL CLASS CONSULT SCHEDULES. 

Birds( 10 – 19 months )

The activities with music stimulate the notion of rhythm and the capacity to follow instructions.
The gymnastics equipment offers excellent conditions for the discovery activities, problem resolution and the evaluation of risks.
The more advanced motor activities exhibit the challenges in gymnastics: running, jumping and rolling, that develop the body’s strength, the notion of the body, balance and space.
The social component is stimulated with group activities, incorporating simple instructions, developing the listening capacity, lateralization ( right/left ) and team work using a variety of different equipment. TO BOOK AN EXPERIMENTAL CLASS CONSULT SCHEDULES. 

Beast(19 months – 2 1/2 years)

Did you discover the magic of your two year old ? The energy never ends! In this new stage we’ll help your children spend all that energy with other children of the same age. All of this in an environment with different equipment that your kid will love to discover and explore. Besides the motor skills, our classes will also stimulate the social and cognitive component, namely the capacity of following instructions and being able to be in a group and share instruments. All of this takes place in a environment where amusement and learning are the main priorities not only for the children but also for the parents. TO BOOK AN EXPERIMENTAL CLASS CONSULT SCHEDULES.

Super-Beast( 2 1/1 years old – 3 years old)

What they can do will amaze anyone. Our classes and curriculum pursue the development of every child’s motor skills while promoting their self-confidence and emotional well-being with a smile for both parents and teachers! The group activities will stimulate the imaginary and promote the listening skills and the interpretation and following of rules. All of this will promote their independence and prepare them for the challenges that come with school and the kangaroo’s classes, where the parents are no longer present. TO BOOK AN EXPERIMENTAL CLASS CONSULT SCHEDULES.