The development of motor skills in a fun environment creates confidence and contributes to a life of success.

The success of The Little Gym’s program reflects directly the association between the pioneer spirit of his founder, Robin Wes, and his genuine dedication to the well being of children. Owner of a revolutionary vision, Robin Wes opened the first The Little Gym in 1976.
He created a program that harmonizes the physical development of children with the emotional, cognitive and social development. Based on a method strictly non-competitive and focused in the creation of fun and positive experiences the main objective was to make a program that contributes to the confidence needed to a life of success.

The current curriculum, remaining faithful to the mission of it’s original founder and continuously improved by the The Little Gym family across 30 countries. While integrating the recommendations of a group with a diverse set of skills, The Little Gym became the main reference  for the progressive development of the motor skills, being the current nº1 for the children.

It’s long story to success and commitment to keep improving transmits to the parents the certainty of giving to it’s children a good foundation to life.
For the time being, there are approximately 300 little gym’s across the world making the difference in children’s life everyday.