Let your Child’s Imagination Run WILD!

Remember all the fun and imaginative things you played as a child? A princess in a castle or a cowboy in the Wild West? While those memories and activities are cherished for adults, they are actually ideal to help unleash a child’s imagination!

Imaginative play is more than just fun and games. In fact, young children learn by expressing their imagination. Picture a child caring for a doll or stuffed animal, or a child pretending to be a fireman and saving the day. These children are creating life-like scenarios and acting them out. With pretend play, children are able to take on different roles, giving them the unique opportunity to learn social skills, problem solving skills, communication, and empathy.

How can you encourage your child to use their imagination? Join the fun! Observe your child’s interests and get on their level, sit face to face with your child and imitate his or her actions. Keep it simple and take turns. Your child will likely mimic your actions as well. The more you play into your child’s imagination and encourage them to be creative, the more learning and growing you both will have! Let your child’s imagination run wild and get playing today!