Payments and bookings

1- What do we develop? We are a children’s development program for babies, children and young people that aims to improve motor, social and cognitive skills through fun activities very diversified like gymnastics and dancing. Our curriculum program was developed for babies between 4 and 36 months, children between 3 to 6 years and young people over 7 years old. Our activities take place in a fun a non-competitive environment, where learning is taken very seriously.

2-Where are we located? We’re located in Lisbon, in Laranjeiras (next to the citizen shop) and in Oeiras (next to Oeiras Parque) in Empreendimento Terraços do Marquês. Find us on google maps in “Contacts” page.

3-How long does a class last? Our activities are based in an anual curriculum, from september to July with weekly frequency on normal schedule and a second time in consolidation class. Our classes last from 45 to 60 minutes, varying from 45 to 60 based on age and the activity itself.

3.1-How many times a week? Our curriculum is on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday and every week we have a different theme. The subscription gives your children access to one class on the normal schedule and a second consolidation class after booking, because your child will be repeating the experiences from the first class.

3.2-What is a practical class or consolidation class? The practical class is an opportunity for your child to have fun, make new friends and to review skills and activities from earlier in the week. This way, with the help of teachers, this is one more opportunity of development of our little athletes.

3.3-How does it work? There are many schedules throughout the week and on the weekend as well. Consult the schedule on the menu “Schedule”. The practical class is optional and your child can frequent it every time you are available. There are limited spots and for this reason it’s necessary to book by email or in person. You can book in the same week or the week before.

4-What’s the maximum amount of children on a class? The classes parents/children have a teacher and an adult to every child, the maximum amount of children on a given class is 18, until they’re 6 years old there’s a teacher for every 6 to 7 kids and a maximum of 18 per class. When they’re older than 7 years old there’s a professor for every 7 to 8 children and a maximum of 21 kids per class. The teachers can change the limits given the characteristics of the group.

5-What’s an experimental class? An experimental class has as a objective to show the family our activities to the fullest before they decide if they want or not to sign up. After the experimental class you can sign up or book a class. Talk to our staff about details, we believe you and your child will love it!

6-I booked my experimental class. What happens?
It means you’ll have a spot on the chosen schedule for your first class. A staff member will contact you to confirm if you’re still interested. In case the class is completed you’ll be contacted to book another class on a schedule convenient for you.

7-When I sign up, how long will my child be subscribed? We sign up your child on a anual basis, we believe this is the best way to develop the capabilities of your child, ear after ear, but you can cancel the subscription anytime you want and it’s effective immediately. If you’ve chosen a monthly subscription you’ll just have to warn us until the last day of the month that you’ll not pay the next month. If you choose an anual subscription, without the possibility to cancel, you’ll benefit from a discount on the monthly value.

8-What are the payment methods and prices to have access to many modalities? We offer four convenient payment methods which includes: Single anual payment, two payments and four payments. There’s also the option of 11 payments monthly. The monthly price is around 48€ to 62€. In the monthly plan you can choose to have loyalty of 12 months, you will benefit from a discount. Please, contact our staff for more information. The second child has access to a discount of 25% and twins of 35%.

9-Can my child sign up after the semester began? You can sign up your child in any week of the year, our programs are designed to challenge each child in a personalized and individualized way through the year.

10-What is the annual member jewelry? The jewel is paid annually, at a cost of 50€, to benefit from exclusive benefits that we offer through the year, for example access to the installations, special discounts in group classes to celebrate birthdays and other events, summer classes and parents night. Personal accident and liability insurance is also included.

Compensation Classes

11 – If I miss a class,do I have the right to a compensaton class? Yes. Classes in the main schedule give access to a compensation class. To have access to this compensation classes, it’s required that you warn us about your absence before the main class starts. If you don’t warn us in advance you lose the right to the compensation class. Our goal is to manage the number of seats that will be free so that other kids can use them.

12- When Can I schedule the compensation class? The compensation class is scheduled for the most convenient day for you and for your kid. A compensation class implies that a free seat will be available in the chosen schedule and it can be reserved during the year.

13-O que tenho que fazer para agendar a aula de compensação?  We appreciate that you contact us in advance informing us of the desired schedule.

14-What happens if I can’t be in the compensation class? We do a permanent effort to find a schedule for your kid to take the compensation class.  We do not, however, make returns or  credits for faults not communicated.

14.1 – Can the compensation classes be used by a sibling?  Yes, the compensation classes can be used by a sibling from time to time.  If you can’t use the classes, we will give you a gift card so that you can give them as a present to a friend. You can offer up to 4 classes.


15 – What happens if my kid can’t complete the already payed period?

You can cancel your registration at any time. The cancellation has effect at the end of the month. If you have opted to make 1,2 or 3 payments, the value of the payed and not attended classes won’t be refunded but you will get credits to use. We won’t give you credits for the following: classes that have already been taken, compensation classes and Jewel of the family member classes. The credits value can be used in any of our activities by the same kid or by other kid.

Assist the classes

16-Can I watch my kid’s classes? We offer a very spacious reception, that was made to acomodate parents and family member of each kid with big windows to the gym. Since big part of the classes are based on the development of the relationship between kid and teacher, we ask the cooperation of the parents not to go in to the gym and to not give indications through the windows. If the teachers/instructors need help, they will ask you.

17- What should I do if I can’t be with my child at the end of the class? To ensure the safety of your child, tell a member of the team who will pick up your child. We will ask for ID everytime we don’t recognize the person. These situations can only happen from time to time.

18 – Can I take pictures? You can take pictures/film from the reception. There are specific days to take pictures/film inside the class room.


19-What should each child wear? They should were comfortable clothing that doesn’t limit their movements. We ask all parents and children to remove any type of accessory. Speak to one of the members of the team about the program and the clothing/material/shoes needed.

20-What should I dress in the Parents/Child classes? Comfortable clothing is recommended. We ask that you enter the gym without shoes.